4 Tips for Moving During COVID-19

February 28, 2020

Move safely by taking extra safety precautions and minimizing social contact.

Amid widespread stay-at-home orders and social-distancing mandates, millions of Qatari’s have adapted to the changes brought about by COVID-19. Countless events have been rescheduled or cancelled, but for a few people — including those who already made plans to move — staying put is simply not an option. 

If you are about to move, you can still pull it off with a little extra planning and a few precautionary steps.

Here are some tips for making your move as safe, seamless and stress-free as possible.

DIY if possible

Moving is a no escape option. That’s why trying to move through moving companies that have reduced there working hours amid Covid- 19 might be difficult, so if you can, try to manage the move on your own. 

If not possible and you need help, choose companies operating in your area that you make sure first that they are committed to the high standard hygiene. Call to ask about sanitation procedures, whether the movers have necessary supplies like masks, gloves and booties…

Minimize contact

If you’re working with a moving company, ask for a virtual quote and see if the company offers fully contactless service. 

Forgo handshakes, choose companies that have a no contact service and provide a paying the moving fees through PayPal or another contactless digital platforms.

Take extra sanitary precautions

  • If you’re hiring a moving company, make sure that they wear masks, gloves and booties, an extra call if they are wearing the disinfection suit, consider having additional hygiene products available.
  • Disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces, paying particular attention to door knobs and handles. Make sure that all your home and objects are precisely disinfected you can bring a professional disinfecting company to make the work for you that has the supplies and chemicals that will make sure to keep you safe.
  • Place soap and paper towels next to sinks and hand sanitizer by doors.
  • Buy new boxes: It might not be the time to pick up used moving supplies from stores, or you can use boxes that you already have in your home. 

Help those in need

In the recent circumstances, many can’t afford buying all groceries or stuffs. While organizing your things, keep your unwanted objects and things aside and Donate your shelf-stable items to people in need or charitable organizations.

Moving is hard work no matter what, and it’s especially challenging right now. But by taking extra precautions to move safe

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