6 Ways to Enjoy the Outdoors at Home 6 Ways to Enjoy the Outdoors at Home

February 28, 2020

In these days where we’re all staying at home, one of the best way to alleviate some of the stress is to head outside and get some fresh air but in the same time stay safe. If you’re lucky enough to have an outdoor space, whether a backyard or a small patio, you can make most of it with these six ideas for spending time in your outdoor area.

Curate an outdoor lounge space

You can still enjoy your summer or spring break at home by creating an outdoor lounge space in your patio or yard and give it a tropical feel.

You can either surf the internet for lounge chairs, chaise lounges, hammocks and outdoor sectionals, or create your own. Plop some outdoor pillows on top for added comfort and style. 

To complete your lounge, add in some side tables, a few candles and maybe some fresh drink to create that all-inclusive atmosphere.

Beautify a barn or shed

Make your back yard a place where you enjoy spending time in. All you need is some decoration to make your outdoor space looks alive, colorful and exceptionally beautiful.

Spruce it up by painting it a bold color, attaching some shutters, adding some flower boxes, installing a stone path, you can even string up some lights to enjoy it in the evening.

Make a dining destination

We’re all getting a little tired of eating in our home day after day. Mix it up a little by making a dining destination in your backyard or patio. In addition to an outdoor dining table and chairs, lay down an outdoor rug and string up a strand of lights or craft yourself an outdoor chandelier or set some candles to transform your evening meals. 

Create a meditation zone

Relive your stress and keep calm while stuck at home and during all this pandemic   by creating a meditation zone in your backyard. Plant a garden with calming scents like lavender or jasmine, create a stepping stone path to your meditation spot and put some sheets as a curtains that blow in the warm, calming breeze, light up some scented candles and use your phone to set calm music or meditation practices.

DIY outdoor movie theater

Going to the movies these days might be off limits, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t live the experience and enjoy a movie night out with your family outdoors. All you have to do is to elaborate a backyard movie theater. Grab big comfy pillows, a white sheet that can be tautly mounted on a flat surface, a projector and your mobile phone to play the movies

If you don’t have a projector you can simply create one out of a shoe box.

Prepare the popcorn and enjoy your movie with the background noise of the crickets chirping.

DIY fire pit

Create your own camping activity in your backyard and enjoy sitting around the campfire. You can easily create a DIY fire pit for your backyard in very easy steps, which only requires a few supplies, set your tent, your camp chairs, sit back and relax and enjoy your hot chocolate with the cozy campfire glow.

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